As mentioned in the About page, the credits you'll find in this page are far from exhaustive. More than three hundreds card texts and game effects have been created, collected, merged and modified. Hundreds of illustrations have been used out of our enormous WoT and fantasy gallery (1000+ pictures) collected from many many websites all over the Net. So, if your work (card text or illustration) has been used to create a MLE card, feel free to email the webmaster and request that your name be added here, along with a link to your website.

The following credits have been requested :

Commercial products

Company : Precedence
Website : (temporarily closed)
Products : Babylon 5 CCG, Wheel of Time CCG, Tomb Raider CCG, Rifts CCG, T2 CCG, Alien vs Predator CCG...
Card text : King Gaebril, Netweaver, Snakes and Foxes, Shards of Evil, Walk in the Light.
Illustrations : Aginor, SuperiorEquipment, FoxheadMedallion

Company : Wizards of the Coast
Website :
Products : Magic the Gathering CCG, Pokemon CCG, Harry Potter CCG, Dungeons & Dragons RPG, Star Wars RPG, Wheel of Time RPG...
Illustrations : AndorArchers, AndorBanner (banner), AshamanScouts, AshamanSquadron, Assassin, Baroc (character), CairhienBanner (banner), CalmBeforeTheStorm (character), CharlGedwyn, CoineDinJubai (character), DaesDaeMar, DarkfriendTraitors, Darkhounds, DavedHanlon, Dedicated, DeiraBashere, Distractions, EbenHopwill, EinorSaren (character), Eran, FallionSedai, GalldrianSuRiatinRie, GleemanCloak, GoldDragonPin, GoldNecklace, GoldNecklace, GoldNecklace (wolf), HarineDinTogara, HighLordAstoril (character), HighLordTedosian (character), HunterOfTheHorn, IllianEliteGuard, IllianNoble, IngtarShinowa, JaharNarishma, JorinDinJubai, JurGrady, LordCulhan, LordNaleseanAldiaya (character), Neutrality, Neverborn, PadanFain, PrecariousBalance, SalaeaEliteGuard, SaldaeaCavalry, SaldaeaInfantry, SaldaeanBanner (banner), SaldaeaScouts, SaldaeaSkirmishers, SaldaeaVeterans, SandStorm, SeaFolkTattoo, Soulless, Spymaster, StrongInDefense, SuffocatingHeat, TarValonBanner (banner), TearBanner (banner), TheBard, gTheSaldaeanHorse, TrollocLeader (trolloc), TrollocLeaderHorn, TwoRiversArcher, TwoRiversBow, UnexpectedEncounter2, WalkInTheLight, WarderBand (character), WhitecloakZealot, WolfPack, Wormwood, DavramBashere, EgweneSedai, MatCauthon, NynaeveSedai, PerrinAybara (character), Shadowkiller

WoT Fan Art

Artist Name : Hamilton Cline
Website :
Illustrations : AshamanGuard, ATasteForBattle, Bili, BlackCoats, BlacksmithHammer, CairhienEliteGuard, Canler, ChildFarran, DamerFlinn, DragonswornFanatic, DragonswornZealots, Gleeman, Hammar, Ihvon, KingGaebril, Maradon (Faile's face), Mishael, Negotiations, Netweaver, Owein, RandalThor, RoyalLineOfAndor, SearchForTheCoramoor (Rand), SearchForTheHorn, ShardsOfEvil, SilverSwordPin, TheFarm, TheFlameAndTheVoid, ThePriceOfStrength, TrollocChief, ToramSiRiatinRie, UnexpectedEncounter1, UnoNomesta, WarderCloak (Lan)

Artist Name : Joe Trimarchi
Website :
Illustrations : CadsuaneSedai (background), AshamanKill, FedwinMorr, Forethought, HidingInShadows (background), Maradon (background), RaefarKisman, TarwinsGap

Artist Name : Martin Andersen
Website :
Illustrations : IllianBanner (background)

Artist Name : Betrayer Of Hope
Website :
Illustrations : BetrayerOfHope

Miscellaneous Illustrations

Darrel K. Sweet : UnexpectedEncounter3 (A Crown of Sword alternate cover), MayeneLancers (Path of Daggers cover), JangaiPass (Wheel of Time Soundtrack), AesSedaiVanguard (Wheel of Time Soundtrack)