WoCotM #1: Garcia de Paredes – by Glenn Clarke

WoC text:
[1 Hand] Any turn you make more than one attack, after your draw/discard phase you may draw an additional card for each attack played.  If you do not attack during a turn and there are no cards in play that prevent you from making some type of attack, you must discard a card for each attack your opponent played after your draw/discard phase.


Welcome to a new stream of documents, based around the old Persona of the Month articles but focused on the Weapon of Choice cards.

The Garcia de Paredes is, for me, one of the easier weapons to utilise. The weapon power is clearly aimed at multi-attack situations, and works poorly in cheese-orientated decks. However, there’s actually much more to this than first meets the eye.

Note that the bonus draw if you’ve played multiple attacks occurs after the draw/discard phase. This may not be an important distinction for many, but means that, assuming you’ve played 2 or more attacks during your turn, you’ll end your turn with at least Ability + number of attacks, which of course gives you more to choose from next turn, allowing you to get more attacks out next turn. Consider using Factory here – as long as you make two or more attacks, you can keep your hand size up whilst your opponent’s hand rapidly decreases.

Also note the penalty if you don’t attack only applies if there are no cards in play that prevent you from attacking, and even then isn’t limited to just the effects of cards your opponent has in play. So, for example, you could play Pedestrian (no attacks) without detrimental effect to yourself.

Additionally, remember that if your opponent is using a multi-attack strategy, he’s unlikely to be trying to prevent attacks from being played, and so won’t affect the benefit of this weapon. Similarly, if your opponent is restricting attacks (for example in a cheese deck), the detrimental effects of the weapon are unlikely to apply – not quite a win-win scenario, but definitely a low risk one.


In-game cards:
Garcia de Paredes only carries one in-game card – the Master’s Swing.

Master's Swing, Attack, 2
This attack cannot be a Power Blow unless it is a Head Shot.

So, you may have up to 4 Master’s Swing cards in your deck, they cannot be Power Blows, they only cover 2 grids, and each takes a Master card slot. For me, these are a waste of a Master slot in their current form.


How to use:
Well, as detailed above, this is really a weapon for personas who can deliver a stream of attacks each turn. Throw in Flashing Blades, and just keep hitting your opponent. The more attacks you push out, the more cards you start the next turn with, thus increasing your chance of getting more multi-attack cards into play. This, of course, comes at a cost – high Endurance burn, and so should be used with care in L&M decks.

Additionally, if you can keep the multi-attack going, you can counteract lower Ability issues that arise, such as hand lock – enough to give you a significant advantage in a closely matched fight. Master’s Endurance can also help, allowing you to keep a large hand.


How to counter:
Holy Ground (discard 4) cards work wonders here, allowing you to not only avoid that stream of attacks, but also forcing your opponent to return to his Ability, thereby negating the weapon’s benefit. Standard attack prevention, such as Pedestrian (Hidden) or Safe Haven, are fine, but be careful not to cripple your own deck at the same time.


Who should use this weapon:
Personas who can consistently deliver multiple attacks in one turn:
Amanda (2 attacks as standard)
Annie Devlin (if hit by a successful attack, get +2 attack slots)
Brian Cullen (use of Cullen’s Master Swordsman card to increase attack slots)
Caspian (additional attack for each defense beyond the first your opponent plays)
Ceirdwyn (additional attack for each Ally in play)
Jin Ke (discard a Special card to play an additional attack)
Kanwulf (discard up to 3 defenses from your hand to play up to 3 additional attacks)
Kern (play any number of attacks when exerting for an attack)
Otavio Consone (additional attack if using 2 WoC)
Walter Reinhardt (additional attack for each Ally in play)
Yung Dol Kim (additional attack if discard 2 from Endurance when have Extra Weapon in play).

I’d also highlight Xavier St. Cloud, as strangely he can be a very strong multi-attack persona if you get the Hook cards out.


I’d rate the Garcia de Paredes WoC as 7. Great power, little drawback, but lacking in useful in-game cards.


What our Reviewers said:

Nick – I think one of the most fun WoC's available, the Garcia De Padres doesn't give you the ABILITY to throw more attacks but it rewards those decks that go attack happy. Consone is an easy choice for this, but in the hands of a Martin Hyde Combination deck, this is downright evil. With Hyde you start with card advantage, and the Garcia De Padres gives you an additional advantage. I think I like it mainly because it's not about damage, it's about getting and keeping the upper hand.

TMO – Not a weapon I’ve ever really used in a deck before.  It’s card drawing utility is very nice, but the lack of ingame cards is a serious drawback, in my opinion.  There are other weapons for multi-attack decks that also include useful ingames.  Do note that the Masters Attacks cards can be both hidden and headshots if you have methods of doing those.  They’re still not wonderful cards, but they can be given roles in a deck.

Erick – Garcia De Paredes can be a great weapon for those that can multi-attack every turn. Being able to draw a card for each attack you play can keep your hands full of attacks to keep up the pressure on your opponent. With Master's Swing (the only WoC specific card for this weapon) you can have some hidden head shots plus the attacks are have 2 grids too. In the hands of Carter Wellan you make your opponent discard a block to play a block on the first attack which can be very annoying. Another person that could use this weapon well would be Kanis. He could make you discard defenses and also get hidden attacks to play right back at you. The biggest draw back to Garcia De Paredes is that you can really burn through your deck which can be good or bad plus if you don't attack you can end up discarding a lot of cards and have a small hand to start the next turn. Overall in the right hands this weapon can be powerful, but it's a limited weapon with only the Master's Swings as WoC specific cards to use.

Adam – abstain

Nigel – GDP is the weapon of choice to use for a multi attack strategy. It is truly awesome. I really don’t care that it has no in game cards its ability is just that good. Highlander is won or lost depending on how you use your resources (cards), GDP just give you much more options. A multi attack strategy requires you to have attacks in your hand GDP gives you more. Combine it with a parrying blade … surprise attacks etc and your normal multi attack cards flashing blade etc. and you really have your opponent in trouble. Glenn is correct that holy ground can be a pain but as with any multi attack strategy you want to stop your opponent playing that so Ring of fire or even better No Sanctuary would be a staple card in any GDP deck. 



Nick                 8
TMO               6
Erick                6
Adam               -
Nigel                9
Glenn               7

Average           7.2


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