Card Reference Page

Due to some ongoing confusion over premium fronts, I have created the following pages to once and for all set the record straight.


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MLE Sets Collections Promos
Missing Link Expansion (page 1) Ramirez Collection Zeist Promos
Missing Link Expansion (page 2) Dark Duncan Collection Addiction Promos 2002
MacLeod Chronicles Morgan D'Estaing Collection Addiction Promos 2003
Soldiers Of Immortality Michael Moore / Quentin Barnes Collection Addiction Promos 2004
Brothers In Arms Carl Robinson Collection Addiction Promos 2005
World Without End Chronicles of Connor MacLeod Addiction Promos 2006
Heroines and Holy Men John Garrick Collection Addiction Promos 2007

ME vs TG Card Reference Page

The Gathering expansion contained a completely reprinted set of Movie Edition. Some cards from Movie Edition were changed when they were reprinted. Many players are not even aware of the number of differences.

Thanks to the research of MLE Manager Glenn Clarke, a definitive list of the altered reprints from The Gathering Edition has been created. The following pages show the exact differences in a side by side comparison. There are 44 confirmed so far.


Persona Specific

TCG Misprint Reference Page

Highlander is known for its misprinted cards. These pages detail the misprints that are banned from tournament play.

TCG Misprints