Mac Leod Chronicles Credits

Main Playtesters

Here are the names of people who have been particularly active during the playtest process. Most of them belonged to a playtest cell composed of multiple players.

Steve Crow
Travis Hamiter
Steve Hurley
Mike Arena
Steve Berge
Scott Davis
Mike McVey
Matt McVey
Darren Gagne
Lance Pittman
Stan Richard
Shawn Marchant
Thomas Harris
Tim Herring Zodo



Card Designers

All the MLE ideas come from players. Here is a short list of who proposed what. Of course after the initial idea many cards had to be tested, balanced and redesigned with the help of the whole playtest team but the original idea remained.

Mike Arena - Gothic Sword
Scott Kowalczuk - Haresh Clay, Four Horsemen Pre-Games, Bastard Sword, Hand Axe, Claymore, Katar, Naginata, Escutcheon
Travis Hamiter - Kyra
Steve Crow - Rebecca Horne, Carlos, Winston, Manny, Amanda - The Raven, Lachlan, May-Ling Shen (co-credit), Martial Arts Pre-Games
Adam Crites - May-Ling Shen (co-credit), Morgan DeStang, Senghi Khan, Marcus Constantine, William Culbraith, The Messanger

Screenshots & Scans

Many players have sent a few pictures to feed the artwork process but some of them have spent many hours to capture and upload hundreds of jpegs for me to use. So special thanks to

Scott Kowalczuk
Steve Hurley
Eric Cavaliere

Julien Leconte, The Lillelander

Misc Stuff

Thanks to Joe Dilworth who provided the same font TCG used for a better visual impact.