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MLE Wallpapers

The MLE wallpapers have been withdrawn.

Virtual Pack Generator

The Virtual Pack Generator is a software designed to build random packs of Highlander cards from a list of cards with different rarities (from common to ultra-rares) and distribute them freely at a selected rate.

This limit and the booster packs system are not designed to frustrate players or to limit them in their deck building exercise, but on the contrary to slowly give them access to all card pictures and have them make efforts in deck building as if they had bought "real" weekly boosters from their retailer. The main purpose of this system is to give each card its chance in your decks and to prevent overpowered cards and immortals to overshadow basic cards and Persona for all players.

You must have a Double Eagle account to collect credits and download boosters. If you do not have such an account, go to the Double Eagle page and follow the guidelines.

Be sure to read carefully the Honor Guidelines first.


This expansion is obviously free to get. You can print as many cards as you wish, you can trade them, you can modify them. Yet sometimes one could forget that the whole project relies on a simple thing : trust.

We trust players not to make money out these cards. We trust players not to abuse the system. We trust players not to spoil the whole rarity system. So the only thing we ask to all Highlander players and collectors is to follow the Honor Guidelines below. A very very small price to pay for hundreds of Highlander cards...

We chose to distribute cards this way because of multiple reasons. Collectors probably understand the pleasure of hunting rare cards better than players.

HONOR GUIDELINE #1 : Please do not trade the same card more than once. Each time a card is traded through the mail, a new copy of the jpeg file is created. By trading the same card many times you would waste the whole rarity system (some players did trade 10 rares for a missing common !). Rares and Premiums are supposed to be available in lower quantity than commons or uncommons. That's why we are requesting you not to trade the same card more than once.

HONOR GUIDELINE #2 : Please do not post any picture in any newsgroup or mailing list or web directory, etc... You can use a few commons in your HomePage or MLE strategy/trade page but do not display your whole collection on a web site. Keep in mind that as soon as everybody can see and download a picture, it becomes a worthless card for everybody.

HONOR GUIDELINE #3 : Do not send multiple account requests to get more cards. If need be, we can check the I.P signature provided by anymous email providers : two different accounts from hotmail have the same I.P signature if sent from the same computer, and this IP signature is also used by yahoo or aol... If we receive too many multiple requests from such anonymous accounts, we will simply removed all anonymous emails from the subscription.

Sample Cards

Here are a few low resolution examples of the good stuff you'll find in the second Missing Link Expansion. Get your Highlander cards out of their binders and come back to the Highlander CCG. Play your old favorite immortals. They have been enhanced with cards like this one, or this one.

New players haven't been forgotten. 8 hot new immortals are also available. Here are a few samples : here, here or here. New Weapons of Choice and MLE1 errated cards will be there too.

Some of you may wonder if the Mac Leod Chronicles cards will look better than MLE1 ones and if they will be closer to TCG cards. See by yourself.

Here is the original Duncan Master's
Head Shot from TCG (Duncan Collection).

[available only for demonstration purpose]

Here is the copycat version built entirely from
MLE templates (alternate illustration)

[available only for demonstration purpose]