Freebie cards plan
As there are so many of you out there still trying to complete the set, I have decided to give away, FREE, my spare links to those who need them.

I'll be updating this page regularly to reflect what's on offer. To apply for card freebies, click here. Please remember though - it's first come, first served. Also, only request from what's available here. I receive lots of requests for freebies, and therefore do not have time to sort through unchecked individual Want lists. Important additional : To keep things fair for all, I'm setting a limit of 1 Premium card per day to each person. This will allow more people to trade locally. Please also ensure that you donate in a similar fashion to what you request - consider it a good trade; you get what you want, and you can cast back whatever you have in return!

Help keep this alive by donating your spares! For those of you who would like to donate to this effort, please mail me here. All I need is the name of the images you'd like to donate, along with the number of each image you are donating, and the title of the expansion. As most people have the Commons and Uncommons, please limit your submissions to Rares and above.

Similarly, I'll only be listing Rares and above here. All Commons and Uncommons are available, just contact me with what you need.



[1] Darkhounds
[1] Aes Sedai Vanguard
[1] Aginor
[5] Aiel War Veterans
[3] Alviarin Freidhen
[1] Ashaman Elite Guard
[1] Ashaman Kill
[1] Ashaman Scouts
[2] Ashaman Squadron
[3] A Taste For Battle
[2] Athaan Miere Fleet
[1] Baroc
[1] Betrayer Of Hope
[1] Bili
[2] Blacksmith Hammer (Game text modified on 2002/04/25)
[1] Caire Din Gelyn
[1] Cairhien Escort (Added to ASH on 2002/04/25)
[0] Cairhien Royal Guard (Removed from ASH on 2002/04/25)
[2] Calm Before The Storm
[2] Charl Gedwyn
[2] Crossroads Of Twilight
[1] Daes Dae Mar
[4] Abell Cauthon
[1] Daved Hanlon
[2] Deira Bashere
[2] Distractions
[1] Dragonsworn Fanatic
[1] Dragonsworn Zealots
[2] Dumais Well Veterans
[3] Eben Hopwill
[1] Einor Saren
[1] Eran
[2] Fallion Sedai
[2] Forethought
[2] Foxhead Medallion (Game text modified on 2002/04/25)
[1] Galina Sedai
[2] Galldrian Su Riatin Rie
[1] Gleeman Cloak
[5] Gold Dragon Pin
[2] Hammar
[1] Heart Of The Stone
[1] Hiding In Shadows
[1] High Lord Astoril
[1] High Lord Tedosian
[1] Ingtar Shinowa
[4] Jahar Narishma
[1] Jur Grady
[3] Maradon
[1] King Gaebril
[2] Loose Horde
[1] Lord Nalesean Aldiaya
[2] Manel Rochaid
[2] Mayene Lancers
[2] Mili Skane
[1] Morgase Trakand
[2] Netweaver
[1] No Bar To My Call
[2] Padan Fain
[1] Pattern Threads
[2] Pedron Niall
[1] Planned Ahead
[1] Randal Thor
[3] Rebuild
[1] Royal Line Of Andor
[3] Saldaea Scouts
[1] Search For The Horn
[1] Sebban Balwer
[3] Shadar Logoth Doom
[1] Shards Of Evil
[4] Siuan Sanche
[2] Snakes And Foxes
[2] Soulless
[1] Spymaster
[1] Sword Of Fire
[2] Tear High Ships
[0] Temaile Sedai
[3] Thakandar Blade
[1] The Bard
[1] The Black Tower
[3] The Bowl Of Winds
[2] The Flame And The Void
[2] The Last Battle
[4] The Price Of Strength
[3] The Saldaean Horse
[1] The Sea Of Storms
[1] Toram Si Riatin Rie (Game text modified on 2002/04/25)
[1] Trolloc Chief
[3] Trolloc Leader
[1] Trolloc Leader Horn
[1] Two Rivers Bow
[3] Uno Nomesta
[2] Unpredictable Events
[2] Walk In The Light
[2] Warder Band
[2] Warder Cloak
[2] War Knowledge
[1] Wavedancer
[1] Whitecloak Zealot
[1] White Spray
[0] Wolf Pack (Removed from ASH on 2002/04/25)
[5] Forest Pack (Added to ASH on 2002/04/25)
[1] Wormwood


[1] Jharal Mordeth
[0] Davram Bashere
[0] Egwene Sedai
[0] Cadsuane Sedai
[0] Mat Cauthon
[0] Mazrim Taim
[1] Mesaana
[1] Nynaeve Sedai
[0] Perrin Aybara
[3] Tenobia Kazadi

U L T R A- R A R E P R E M I U M S

[1] Balthamel
[0] Asmodean
[0] Shadowkiller (Removed from ASH on 2002/04/25)
[0] The Dragon Reborn (Added to ASH on 2002/04/25)
[1] The Hunter