Missing Link Expansions Promo Plan

Despaired because you have all the regular MLE cards ?
Did you *really* think you could collect all MLE cards so easily ?
Do you *really* think the hunt is over ?
No yet, fellow collector...   :o)

A Few words on this promo plan

MLE2 Promo cards will be delivered freely under certain conditions :

The promo checklist is available here : [ MLC / SOI ]

Then, how may I get them ?

Promo subscription
By sending a subscription email <HERE> you will be added to the free promo plan available to all players. Then you will get jpeg URLs from time to time (once every two weeks or once per month).

DE purchase
By spending 250 DE credits per promo. Send a mail to the MLE Webmaster (Webmaster@mleccg.com), listing the promo(s) from the list below you wish to purchase. Please note: 1. This is a manual process - please allow time for you request to be fulfilled; 2. The special Zeist cards and Addiction promos are NOT part of this offer; 3. Please try to keep requests down to 10 cards per mail.

Cards already distributed
1. Nemesis-Faith
2. Nemesis-Nick Wolfe
3. Nemesis-Darius
4. Nemesis-Andre Korda
5. Ramirez-Back Away
6. Nemesis-Graham Ashe
7. Nemesis-Jacob Kell (US)
8. Nemesis-Jin Ke
9. Nemesis-Cracker Bob
10. Four Horsemen-War
11. Nemesis-Ramirez
12. Nemesis-Grayson
13. Nemesis-Otavio Consone
14. Nemesis-Rebecca Horne
15. An Unknowable Prize Front
16. Nemesis-Jacob Kell (Euro)
17. Nemesis-Kenny
18. Nemesis-Morgan D'Estaing
19. Nemesis-Carter Wellan
20. Holy Ground
21. Nemesis-William Cullbraith
22. Nemesis-Kit O'Brady
23. Nemesis-Senghi Khan
24. Nemesis-May-Ling Shen
25. Alertness [Block]
26. Nemesis-Lachlan
27. Nemesis-Kyra
28. Nemesis-Nicholas Ward
29. Nemesis-Marcus Constantine
30. Alertness [Dodge]
31. Nemesis-Haresh Clay
32. Carter Wellan Premium Front
33. Grayson MCBC Back
34. Grayson Premium Front
35. The Four Horsemen Premium Front
36. Kyra Premium Front
37. Senghi Khan Premium Front
38. Haresh Clay Premium Front
39. May-Ling Shen Premium Front
40. Faith MCBC Back
41. Lachlan Premium Front
42. Marcus Constantine Premium Front
43. Kit O'Brady Premium Front
44. William Cullbraith Premium Front
45. Kyra MCBC Back
46. Nicholas Ward Premium Front
47. Warriors Of Zeist Premium Front
48. Rebecca Horne Premium Front
49. Jacob Kell MCBC Front
50. Jacob Kell Front v.2
51. Faith Premium Front
52. Faith MCBC Front
53. Octavio Consone Premium Front
54. Kyra MCBC Front
55. Annie Devlin/Luther - Incense Of Pain
56. Kit O'Brady MCBC Back
57. Haresh Clay MCBC Back
58. Jin Ke MCBC Back
59. May-Ling Shen MCBC Front
60. Luther - Endure Pain
61. Marcus Constantine MCBC Front
62. Andre Korda Premium Front
63. Lachlan MCBC Back
64. Carter Wellan MCBC Front
65. Luther - Pummel
66. William Cullbraith MCBC Back
67. Kenny Premium Front
68. Nicholas Ward MCBC Front
69. Darius Premium Front
70. Sunda Kastagir - Nothing Personal
71. Cracker Bob MCBC Back
72. The Four Horsemen MCBC Front
73. Warriors Of Zeist MCBC Back
74. Graham Ashe MCBC Front
75. Micharl Moore / Quentin Barnes Persona Front
76. Ramirez Premium Front (MLE)
77. Jacob Kell Premium Front
78. Marcus Constantine MCBC Back
79. Rebecca Horne MCBC Front
80. Luther - Leg Sweep
81. Nick Wolfe MCBC Front
82. Haresh Clay MCBC Front
83. Grayson MCBC Back
84. Highlanders MCBC Back
85. Luther - Incense Of Pain
86. Carter Wellan MCBC Back
87. Kit O'Brady MCBC Front
88. Graham Ashe Premium Front
89. Nicholas Ward MCBC Back
90. Nakano - Master Of Illusion
91. Warriors Of Zeist MCBC Front
92. Cracker Bob Premium Front
93. William Cullbraith MCBC Front
94. May-Ling Shen MCBC Back
95. Sunda Kastagir - Master's Attack
96. Jin Ke MCBC Front
97. Rebecca Horne MCBC Back
98. Ramirez MCBC Front (MLE)
99. Lachlan MCBC Front
100. Osta Vazilek Front / Back
101. Andre Korda MCBC Back
102. The Four Horsemen MCBC Back
103. Darius MCBC Back
104. Jin Ke Premium Front
105. Sunda Kastagir - Time Of The Gathering
106. Kenny MCBC Front
107. Otavio Consone MCBC Back
108. Ramirez MCBC Back (MLE)
109. Highlanders MCBC Front
110. Nakano - Surprise Attack
111. Nick Wolfe Premium Front
112. Cracker Bob MCBC Front
113. Jacob Kell MCBC Back
114. Kenny MCBC Back
115. Alternate Katar Front
116. Otavio Consone MCBC Front
117. Graham Ashe MCBC Back
118. Darius MCBC Front
119. Andre Korda MCBC Front
120. Research And Development - Research
121. Nick Wolfe MCBC Back
122. Highlanders MCBC Front
123. Senghi Khan MCBC Back
124. Senghi Khan MCBC Front
125. Research And Development - Development
126. Annie Devlin MCBC Back
127. Sorcerer Nakano - Stab (UC)
128. Kastagir - Time Of The Gathering 2
129. Sorcerer Nakano - Illusion
130. Research And Development - Overload!
131. Carlos MCBC Front
132. Rebecca's Students Front (alternate)
133. Sorcerer Nakano - Stab (LC)
134. Sunda Kastagir - Unexpected Event
135. Kuyler - Mannequin (v2)
136. Annie Devlin MCBC Front
137. Sorcerer Nakano - Illusion (v.2)
138. Rebecca's Students Faction Premium Front
139. Brian Cullen Premium Back
140. Amanda/Kalas - Maximum Security Prison
141. Sorcerer Nakano - Stab (UC)
142. Winston Premium Front
143. Sorcerer Nakano - Illusion (v.3)
144. Kuyler MCBC Back
145. Kuyler - Mannequin (Alternate)
146. Sorcerer Nakano - Slice (left)
147. Kuyler Premium Back
148. Rebecca's Students Premium Back
149. Carlos Premium Back
150. Don Quijote Rapier Front
151. Carlos MCBC Back
152. Carlos Premium Front
153. Kuyler MCBC Front
154. Manny MCBC Back
155. Sorcerer Nakano - Slice (MR)
156. Manny MCBC Front
157. Winston Premium Back
158. Rebecca's Students MCBC Back
159. Brian Cullen Premium Front
160. Claymore Front (alternate)
161. Brian Cullen MCBC Front
162. Kuyler Premium Front
163. Manny MCBC Front
164. Winston MCBC Back
165. Sword Cane Front
166. Manny Premium Front
167. Rebecca's Students MCBC Front
168. Brian Cullen MCBC Back
169. Manny Premium Back
170. Roman Gladius Front
171. Generic - Caught Off Guard
172. Rebecca's Students Persona Front
173. Ceremonial Sword Pregame Front
174. Kama Gusari Pregame Front
175. Knight Dagger Pregame Front
176. Cimerian Broad Sword Pregame Front
177. Cutlass Pregame Front
178. Excalibur Sword Pregame Front
179. Robin Hood Sword Pregmae Front
180. Immortal Cow - Persona Back
181. Immortal Cow - Evade (right)
182. Immortal Cow - Master's Goad
183. Immortal Cow - Flashback
184. Immortal Cow - Master's Dodge
185. Rules (Places)
186. Caleb Cole Premium Front
187. Colonel Bellian MCBC Back
188. Immortal Cow - Moo (block)
189. Lord Byron MCBC Back
190. Immortal Cow - Distract
191. Caleb Cole Premium Back
192. Colonel Bellian MCBC Front
193. Lorb Byron Premium Front
194. Mako MCBC Back
195. Nemesis-ImmortalCow
196. Roland Kantos Premium Front
197. Walter Reinhardt MCBC Back
198. Caleb Cole MCBC Front
199. Colonel Bellian Premium Back
200. Missing Link Front / Back
201. Caleb Cole MCBC Back
202. Colonel Bellian Premium Front
203. Lorb Byron Premium Back
204. Walter Reinhardt Premium Front
205. Horns - Gore Master
206. Roland Kantos MCBC back
207. Walter Reinhardt Premium Back
208. Lord Byron MCBC Front
209. Mako Premium Front
210. Immortal Cow Quickening Front
211. Mako MCBC Front
212. Roland Kantos Premium Front
213. Walter Reinhardt MCBC Front
214. Generic Immortal - Student's Advantage (alternate)
215. Immortal Cow Quickening Back
216. Mako Premium Back
217. Roland Kantos MCBC Front
218. Horns Weapon Of Choice Back
219. Horns Weapon Of Choice Front

Posting many strategy articles/decks/combos :
If you have posted multiple contributions to the mailing lists or sent them directly to the MLE team and if your contributions have reached the minimum amount needed, then you will receive the Strategy promo(s).

Advertizing the MLE project :
If you have made some advertizing for the MLE project, then explain what you did along with a copy of your URL, emails... If your contributions have reached the minimum level needed, then you will receive the Advertizing promo(s).

Organizing or winning MLE tournaments :
If you have organized a MLE tournament, then send a short feedback email explaining who played what, and who won the tournament. Then you will receive the tournament organizer promo(s).

If you have won a MLE tournament, then as soon as we get the tournament feedback from the tournament organizer, we'll deliver one of the winner promos.

Tournament formats :
- Basic MLE tournament : 10% minimum of MLE cards (generic or immortal specific) in each deck.
- Unexpected MLE tournament : 10% minimum of Unexpected Cards (Events, SItuations...) in each deck.
- MLE Persona tournament : only immortals from the Missing Link Expansion allowed. This format will give an extra Prize to both winner and organizers !

Zeist PreGame cards

TCG had its Thunder Castle Games rips, the MLE project will have Zeist rips/deletes cards. They will behave exactly like basic rips (one shot cards) but you'll also have to delete the virtual jpeg file from your hard disk ! These Zeist cards will be released for "real life" events such as the Halloween night, Christmas or possibly New Year day and other events.

Each Zeist promo will be announced a few weeks before these events, and request for these promo will be accepted only during the specific event. For instance, the Christmas Zeist card will be delivered upon email request, but only if this request is sent during Christmas day !

Why did we decide t use Zeist as our rip/delete card name ? Because if it is problably the best title that one could give to a card that must be ripped into pieces. Most Highlanders fans would even rip the card without any real need, but just because of its title.


Now it's time to collect and play with your cards... and be an active MLE player !

Remember :
Strategy contributions =  promo cards
Tournaments = more promo cards
Advertisement = more promo cards