MLE1 Rule Supplement

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MLE2 / MacLeod Chronicles Rule Supplement


Dual Cards are just like normal Persona or Weapon Of Choice cards, with one exception. In the sub-title where you would usually find the name of one Persona or Weapon, you will find two. As such, either Persona or Weapon listed there may include the card in their deck and play it as normal.


Martial Arts cards are a new class of Pre-Game and In-Game cards designed to simulate an Immortals knowledge of various forms of unarmed combat. These in-game card will state on the card if they are a Martial Arts card. Martial Arts In-Game cards include Attacks, Blocks and Situations.

1) Martial Arts (MA) cards are Pre-Game cards and thus will occupy a PG slot.
2) You may have more than one MA card as a PG, but each one takes a PG slot.
3) MA PG cards modify your Pesona and may not be removed from the game. MA IG cards may be removed from the game though.
4) You must have at least one MA card attached to your deck in order to use any IG card that has MA in its sub-title.
5) As some Immortals are more skilled than others in unarmed fighting, they have their own MA IG cards. However, to use these cards they still must have a MA PG assigned to their deck.
6) You can use MA attacks if unarmed.
7) MA attacks do no damage, unless specified on the card.
8) MA attacks may be hidden.
9) MA attacks may be dodged normally. Unless the defender has a MA PG card in play himself, he must discard a block to play a block against a MA attack.