Missing Link Expansion : The Wheel of Time Promo Plan

Despaired because you have all the regular WoT : MLE cards ?
Did you *really* think you could collect all MLE cards so easily ?
Do you *really* think the hunt is over ?
No yet, fellow collector...  

A Few words on this promo plan

Promo cards are distributed freely like all other MLE cards. Yet contrary to regular MLE sets, these cards are delivered only as a special reward/prize to active MLE members. The following actions could be rewarded withTel'aran'rhiod credits or promos cards :

  • Advertizing the MLE project anywhere on the Internet or in your area,
  • Posting strategy articles/decks/combos in the MLE Forum.,
  • Initiating new discussions/threads/chats about existing or new MLE cards,
  • Organizing or winning MLE tournaments,
  • Being in the top 10 of the most "MLE addicted" accounts,
  • Collecting promo quarters in Tel'aran'rhiod.

The Wheel of Time promo checklist is available here : [ Txt 2 kb ]

Picture (c) Wizards of the Coast

Picture (c) Wizards of the Coast

MLE Tourney Promos

Want to organize a WoT tourney with MLE or PSE cards ? You could win some cool promos. The best players of MLE tourneys can also get some unique promo cards !

If you have organized a MLE tournament, then send a detailed feedback explaining who played (name, emails), and who won the tournament, and what was the content of the top3 decks. Then you will receive the tournament organizer promo(s).

If you have won a MLE tournament, or if you were in the Top3 players of a MLE tourney, then as soon as we get the tournament feedback from the tournament organizer, you'll receive a unique promo card.

Tournament format : basic MLE tournament : 10% minimum of MLE cards in each deck. All other rules from Precedence must be applied, including the latest rulings and erratas.

Contribution Promos

These cards may be distributed to players and collectors who are particularly active on the MLE forum (Yahoo), on the main WoT forum (Ezboard). Any useful post could be rewarded by T'A'R credits or promo cards : website feedback, advertisement for the MLE project, decks, combos, strategy posts and articles. Be an active WoT player and you could be rewarded !

If you have made some advertizing for the MLE project, then explain what you did along with a copy of your URL, emails... If your contributions have reached the minimum level needed, then you will receive the Advertizing promo(s).

Printed-only Promos

Collect four quarters of a promo card on the WoT:MLE website and you can order a printed version of this card. As always it's 100% free. Check out the promo page in Tel'Aran'Rhiod for more infos about these printed cards.

MLE Addiction promos

Every month a few emails will be randomly selected among the top addicted accounts. They will be given one rare promo card for HL or WoT.

Picture (c) Wizards of the Coast


Now it's time to collect and play with your cards... and to be an active MLE player !

Remember :
Strategy contributions =  promo cards
Tournaments = more promo cards
Advertisement = more promo cards