Missing Link Expansion Rule Supplement

The Wheel of Time CCG Missing Link Expansion brings new allegiances and new effects on cards that can be played along with old cards from Precedence. Here is an explanation on how these cards work and how they may be played. If these explanations are not clear enough, you can ask your questions to the designers in the About page. You may also ask them in the Yahoo Wheel of Time Mailing lists (see the Links page).

New Allegiances

Three new allegiances have been added to the existing ones in the first WoT Missing Link Expansion :

Moreover, a few cards have allegiance-like traits (Tarabon, Shienar...) but these traits are *not* considered allegiances for now, though they may become allegiance in the future, just like Faile's Sadaea trait in Dark Prophecies.

New Traits

Many new traits are brought by the expansion A Sign of Hope. Most them are mostly here for thematic flavor : Raker, Wavemistress, Shienar... There is no specific rule about these traits. Yet a few new traits are associtated to new game mechanics or restrictions :

This trait is the extension of the existing Starting Hero and Starting Villain traits. The new Starting Characters (Pedron Niall, Siuan Sanche...) are usually associated with a specific allegiance that is neither Dragon nor Dark One. It can be Children of the Light, Aes Sedai, Andor, Cairhien...

A Starting Character can be used either as a Starting Hero or as a Starting Villain. It is affected by any effect that target either trait. Before the game begins, you must decide if your Starting Character is a Hero or Villain. If your opponent is playing a Hero, your starting character is a Villain and if your opponent is playing a Villain, your starting character is a Hero. In Wheel of Time tournaments, you must decide beforehand which deck is your Hero deck and which deck is your Villain deck.

The cost of Thakan'dar Blade must be paid entirely with symbols with the Myrdraal trait. It must then target a character with the Myrdraal trait. Therefore you may play it on a Fade (Premier Edition) or on a Neverborn (A Sign of Hope), but you may not play it on a Trolloc or on Shaidar Haran (Premier Edition) since these characters do not have the Myrdraal trait.

An event with the Trait "Restricted to X" must have its cost paid with symbols corresponding to X. There is no limitation in the targets or effects of the event due to X.

Eyes and Ears
Restricted to Dragon or Aes Sedai or Dark One.
Rotate a character whose highest ability is three or more to play this card. Name a non-character, non-troop card. Your opponent must discard all copies of the named card from his hand.
Cost : P I I

The cost of Eyes and Ears must be paid entirely with symbols with the Dragon or Aes Sedai or Dark One allegiance. Note that you can pay [Politics] with the Aes Sedai allegiance and [Intrigue Intrigue] with the Dark One allegiance. Once the cost is pay, you may rotate any character to play this card as long as its highest ability is legal. This character does not have to be a Dragon or Aes Sedai or Dark One to be a legal target for Eyes and Ears. You may then name any Wheel of Time card, even if is not a Dragon or Aes Sedai or Dark One card.