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Do not forget to read or re-read the Honor Guidelines below.

2022/12/31 (Thorr) : The Gathering is once again OPEN!! I am sorry it took so long, but it appears to be 95% functional now. Please report issues if you come across any!

2022/11/22 (Thorr) : The Gathering is currently CLOSED. The site has had a PHP upgrade from v7.4 to v8 and it has made the game unstable. It is unknown when I can get it fixed. Sorry!!

2019/11/05 (Thorr) : Clover Promos, Snippets, and The Gathering are now functioning!

2019/11/04 (Thorr) : Work continues. Card Buy, Ritchie, and Addiction now function.

2019/11/02 (Thorr) : I have re-opened the site for login, but it is still mostly broken. I have 1 chat room
functioning. The Java-based games seem to work, but Ritchie is still totally broken.
The Gathering is goign to take a large amount of work to bring back online, so it will
be in Maintenance Mode until further notice. Buying cards doesn't work yet, so don't
waste credits in there. Addiction points are not able to be collected every hour yet.
Progress is slow, so please be patient. I am very busy IRL and have little time.

2019/11/01 (Thorr) : Last night upgrade to our host server has broken the Double Eagle. Anything requiring
the main database is not functioning. I've managed to get this page to show, but the rest
of the DE is not accessible. It is unknown how long it will be before I can get things
going again.

2012/04/30 (Thorr) : Now that The Gathering V3 is officially out of Beta, it is time for a game reset.
On May 1, 2012, all characters in TGV3 will be reset as if they were just created. There
will be bonus BP in your bank to help get you restarted and you will have your full daily
amount of Battle Points given to you as well. All players will now be on equal footing.
Also of note, The Gathering V2 environment will be closing very soon as well.

2012/02/16 (Thorr) : The Gathering V3 is officially out of BETA stage. While this has been true for
quite some time, I hadn't finished the removal of the Beta tags. Version 4 will not be a
completely separate release. Version 4 will be slowly applied as new things get added.
The card set will also be gradually introduced and not be an all-at-once release.

2011/04/02 (Thorr) : Work has begun on The Gathering version 3! If you are insteresting being part of
the game while it is being worked on, a link can be found in the game list. Please Note -
This is a game in constant flux. There is no guarantee of funcionality or fairness. Folks
that go inactive in the Beta environment will be deleted.

2009/07/29 (Thorr) : UPDATE - The whole site is now Open at 95% functionality.
The games are functioning again. The site will run in all 3 interfaces as well.
Cards can be purchased with credits successfully and the Clovers work, too.

2009/07/25 (Thorr) : The upgrade to our host server has broken the Double Eagle. Anything requiring
a login is no longer functioning. I've managed to get this page to show, but the rest
of the DE is not accessible. It is unknown how long it will be before I can get things
going again.

2009/05/08 (Thorr) : The expansion is complete! Card set TG2 for The Gathering is now available!

2009/04/02 (Thorr) : An expansion set for The Gathering is in the works and should be
released in the next 2-3 weeks. Be sure to join us for more hijinks with new cards and
new possibilities including a slew of new Weapons and Personas, each with thier
own support cards, new Quickenings, and new mechanics including Ranged Attacks and

2008/04/18 (Thorr) : The MLE team are sad to announce the loss of one of our Founders
Adam Crites who lost his battle with cancer at age 36. Our collective thoughts
go to his family. His presence in the HLCCG community will be sorely missed.

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All MLE cards are absolutely free. You can print as many cards as you wish, you can trade them, you can modify them. Yet sometimes one could forget that the whole project relies on a simple thing : trust.

We trust players not to make money out these cards. We trust players not to abuse the system. We trust players not to spoil the whole rarity system. So the only thing we ask to all Highlander players and collectors is to follow the Honor Guidelines below. A very very small price to pay for hundreds of Highlander cards...

We chose to distribute cards this way because of multiple reasons. Collectors probably understand the pleasure of hunting rare cards better than players.

HONOR GUIDELINE #1 : Please do not trade the same card more than once. Each time a card is traded through the mail, a new copy of the jpeg file is created. By trading the same card many times you would waste the whole rarity system (some players did trade 10 rares for a missing common !). Rares and Premiums are supposed to be available in lower quantity than commons or uncommons. That's why we are requesting you not to trade the same card more than once.

HONOR GUIDELINE #2 : Please do not post any picture in any newsgroup or mailing list or web directory, etc... You can use a few commons in your HomePage or MLE strategy/trade page but do not display your whole collection on a web site. Keep in mind that as soon as everybody can see and download a picture, it becomes a worthless card for everybody.

HONOR GUIDELINE #3 : Do not try to create multiple accounts to get more cards. We are currently checking the I.P signature of your computer : two different email accounts from hotmail have the same I.P signature if sent from the same computer, and this IP signature is also used by yahoo or aol... If you try to use more than one account per computer, your accounts will be locked and unusable.