Persona Of The Month

Welcome to the MLE Persona of the Month page. Original POTM articles may be found (HERE).

1. Nick Wolfe (HTML) (TXT) (DECK)
2. Michael Moore / Quentin Barnes (HTML) (TXT) (DECK)
3. Haresh Clay (HTML) (TXT) (DECK)
4. Jin Ke (HTML) (TXT) (DECK)
5. Kuyler (HTML) (TXT) (DECK)


Weapon Of Choice Of The Month

Here's the new addition to the 'article of the month' stable, focusing on Weapon of Choice cards.

1. Garcia de Paredes (HTML) (TXT) (DOC)
2. Nail studded bat (HTML) (TXT) (DOC)
2. Scimitar (HTML) (TXT) (DOC)