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2003/04/06 : A new set of Wheel of Time cards has been released ! The Duel Collection is now available in Tel'aran'rhiod. The concept of Duels (a la 7th Sea CCG) has been rejected by the alpha playtest group so these cards are available for collection purpose only.

2002/06/03 : Check out the seven Wheel of Time MLE wallpapers in this page.

2002/05/27 : The rare "MLE Addiction" promos (Learning) of May 2002 have been distributed. Get ready for Half-Man Half-Wolf in late June ! More infos in the Promo Plan.

2002/05/17 : Check out the MLE : WoT Promo Plan : 19 new and unique cards will be distributed only to the active Wheel of Time players and collectors.

2002/05/07 : The first Wheel of Time games are available in Tel'aran'rhiod. The first promo cards should be released in a couple of weeks. Any helpful contribution to the MLE community or to the WoT CCG community or to this website could be rewarded : decks, combos, WoT tournaments, advertisement for the WoT MLE... Play the WoT game again, post strategy ideas in the WoT or MLE groups and you could win some very rare and cool promo stuff !

2002/04/25 : 10 cards have been altered to help to promote the "Players Second Edition". Some cards have been replaced or modified to be different from their PSE equivalent (the original game text was posted on the WoT forum), and three cards are still available as an advertisement of the PSE, but no longer contain any game text nor attribute. Check out the ASH checklist or the spoiler list for more infos.

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