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1 December 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 Thorr (1112)
2 biscuits (1107)
3 dkwd (843)
4 jdtimi (666)
5 ABShock (588)
6 Sigrid (561)
7 The Kurgan (523)
8 zodo (492)
9 Grandpa Miles (490)
10 keyman (446)

1 November 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 Thorr (1178)
2 biscuits (1083)
3 dkwd (838)
4 The Kurgan (701)
5 jdtimi (649)
6 zodo (604)
7 Sigrid (603)
8 ABShock (585)
9 Grandpa Miles (570)
10 keyman (511)

10 October 2004 :  A new version of the MLE FAQ has been released which addresses some minor changes from MLE4. Also, the Carl Robinson spoiler and checklist are now available. Finally, Tamago(Ri)chie has some new opponents in the Double Eagle.

2 October 2004 :  The MLE team are pleased to announce the release of the Carl Robinson collection. Cards are available through the usual 'Buy Cards' link.

2 October 2004 :  The MLE team wish to promote the forthcoming Black Raven set from Seac Games. Below is the press release from Seac Games:

"Hello everyone,

I apologize if I sent duplicates. If you're not into Highlander, you can still help.

I'll be brief, For those of you who have had the pleasure of dealing with Slimbones Auctions over the years. You know we prided ourselves on helping others and given you quality material. Slimbones Auctions is now Saec Games and our first venture is bringing back an old game with new cards. Thunder Castle Games Highlander Collective Card Game had great strides in the mid-nineties and now it's back in a whole new set. There is nothing to sell. you get the set and boosters free with a donation to two wonderful charities. Now P&D, Guamont Television, Saec Games and TCG have combined their efforts to bring you a whole new set.

The Highlander Black Raven set was created in honor of Elizabeth Gracen's determination and sacrifices over the years. The Set is based on her hit show Highlander Raven. There will be four volumes-introducing 100 new cards, new game play, immortal specifics, specials and attacks and defenses. Saec games has spared no expense to bring you the best quality cards ever. Doesn't matter if your a retailer, distributor, wholesaler, adult or child. Now your donation can make a difference for kids with life threatening diseases and kids with Crohns. We made the sets and donated them to the charity. There is nothing to sell. You donate and get the stuff free.

For a donation of 200.00 you get Volume One of Highlander's Black raven Set The set will come with an introductory case to keep all four volumes in. In case you don't ever ant to open or play with the cards, 25 brand new Highlander CCG cards (obviously more than 25 with multiples), all in foil form-see Ramirez's foil cards for an idea. It will come in a decorative box, new rulebook, and a new Persona for Amanda. Obviously volumes 2, 3, and 4 will be given for a lesser donation down the line. You get cards like: Amanda's Cloak & Dagger, Amanda's Reborn, Nakana's Kendo Strike, Duncan's Agrippa's FInger Play, Conner's Manipulation of the Mind, Enhance Skill, Stop Hit, New Trap Cards, New Flachback Time card Rouring 20's-something new to the game, A new Amanda Persona and much much more...
Each foiled in silver trim-no different from Ramirez' 2 premiums from the A&T set an in perfect mint condition. They will not be touched by hands. It can also make a great gift if your not into Highlander or the game. You might know someone who is. You donate, he/she gets a great gift, get your tax deduction and feel good about making a difference.

There will be four volumes of the Raven Set and there were only 300 sets made. Think of that only 300 made that means some cards there are only 300 of. Each card will be sanctioned and have a Super Ultra rare status-no commons, or uncommons. You also get a wonderful T-shirt, a great mug and decorative baseball cap from the charities. Distributors or retailers. If you don't want to get the set. You don't have to. You can just donate. Here's the great catch. It's tax deductible, so it costs you nothing.

There are also 6 brand new foil boosters all given free with small donations of 25.00,50.00, and 100.00. Only 100 were made, so if you thought the promos of the past were expensive. Just think how high it will be to get these. Each booster contains 11 random rares from previous sets like : The 4 horsemen, A &T, TV ed 1, Chronicles, ME 1 & 2 and more. You may get a Duncan Premium, Richie's Mst Attck, Mst Sworsmman, A& T foil, Qucikening, WOC, or much more. Each pack is different.

All those who pre-order the Black Raven set will receive the Foil promo VANGUARD. One person will win the Black Raven set free for their donation. Autographed by Elizabeth Gracen herself.

You can even volunteer to do charity work and be eligible for Humanitarian Award. An actual Saec Game Foil Promo as well.

If you can only afford a dollar. Then help. There is no obligation here. No phone calls demanding anything. You want to help. then help. If you think you can wait till the cards are out then order, you may be out of luck. It's first come, first serve. To assure none of the companies (P&D, Guamont,Saec Games or TCG) made a dime on this. You can only get them through the SC Foudnation website. All proceed go to the SC Foundation and Give Kids the world.

To order now-go to www.thescfoundation.org (Please keep in mind the site is being built as we speak)-to request charity information on this long running chartered charity. Their is an address to request a brochure To learn more about Give Kids the World-go to www.gktw.org

People are ready locking down their sets. I felt it important to contact all those we bought and sold to to give them the opportunity. This sets will eventually go up in price. Heck I remember when Duncan and Methos came out in tins for 100.00 a piece and I spent 200.00 to get them. The only difference was it wasn't tax deductible. I can answer any questions you have, DONATE NOW!

Keep an eye out for a 5 question interview from the presidents of Saec Games and TCG at Highlander MLE, Inquest magazine and Highlander Forums on the official Highlander website.

All of you Stay Frosty

Mike Coal, CIO, Saec Games"

Please note this is *not* an MLE set, and is charity-driven.

2 October 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 dkwd (948)
2 zodo (879)
3 The Kurgan (755)
4 jdtimi (674)
5 ABShock (638)
6 biscuits (624)
7 keyman (477)
8 Sigrid (461)
9 Grandpa Miles (414)
10 Auton (291)

1 September 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 biscuits (1089)
2 zodo (979)
3 dkwd (945)
4 jdtimi (783)
5 Vincent (693)
6 The Kurgan (
7 ABShock (574)
8 Grandpa Miles (408)
9 Sigrid (396)
10 pseudosoldier (241)

1 August 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 The Kurgan (1061)
2 dkwd (925)
3 jdtimi (869)

4 Vincent (828)
5 zodo (815)
6 biscuits (744)
7 Grandpa Miles (588)
8 ABShock (537)
9 Sigrid (504)
10 pseudosoldier (301)

1 July 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 dkwd (1086)
2 zodo (858)
3 The Kurgan (802)
4 jdtimi (676)
5 Sigrid (640)
6 Grandpa Miles (533)
7 Alain (526)
8 biscuits (505)
9 Vincent (421)
10 ABShock (389)

16 June 2004 :  The NEXUS ratings have been updated to reflect the results of local tournaments and BiA testing (for use in the Watcher's Journal).

9 June 2004 :  The NEXUS ratings have been updated to reflect the results of the DieCon 2004 tournaments.

4 June 2004 :  The MLE FAQ has been updated to clarify the use of Kit O'Brady's persona power.

1 June 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 dkwd (1161)
2 zodo (1091)
3 biscuits (1007)
4 Vincent (978)
5 jdtimi (680)
6 The Kurgan (633)
7 Alain (584)
8 Grandpa Miles (558)
9 ABShock (536)
10 Melkor (512)

29 May 2004 :  Calling all prospective playtesters! The MLE team is looking for new playtesters to help test the upcoming 4.5 release. If you would like to help, please send an e-mail to Adam (GKOA@aol.com) including your name, your location, your favourite persona, your favourite play style, and, in no more than 250 words, your playtesting experience and why you want to become a playtester. The closing date for applications is Monday 14th June.

8 May 2004 :  I've updated my trade list. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

1 May 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 zodo (1154)
2 dkwd (1016)
3 biscuits (801)
4 Vincent (709)
5 The Kurgan (702)
6 jdtimi (677)
7 ABShock (565)
8 Grandpa Miles (533)
9 Melkor (486)
10 pseudosoldier (453)

5 April 2004 :  **Tourney Announcement**
DieCon 4 - June 4-6th, Gateway Center, Collinsville, IL (just east of St. Louis, MO) - http://www.diecon.com

"From the Dawn of time We came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you... until now."

Highlander: The Card Game is designed to simulate a duel between two Immortals: yourself and your opponent. During the course of play, both players will play attacks and defenses as if they were fighting with swords. Other cards will represent the tricks, tactics, schemes, and plots you utilize to win. It may be helpful to think of the game as a series of encounters with your opponent, through the centuries, rather than a single brief duel.

Highlander CCG Schedule
Fri. 7 p.m. - MLE* Lean & Mean. Deck must be built using MLE personas.
Sat. 9 a.m. - MLE Big & Bad. Deck must be built using MLE personas. Minimum deck size of 100. Deck must contain at least 20 MLE cards. 
      2 p.m. - TCG* Sealed Deck - *Pack Rat format. $5 fee or provide your own sealed product.
      7 p.m. - MLE Karate Tourney. *Kumite format.
Sun. 9 a.m. - TCG/MLE Standard constructed.

*MLE (Missing Link Expansion). Virtual cards from the MLE should be printed out and pasted to old TCG cards in order to play in the MLE tourneys. TCG card proxies will be allowed.

*TCG (Thunder Castle Games). All standard release and promo TCG cards. (Mis-prints not allowed).

All tourneys will have 20 min. rounds using *End Game rules. All MLE releases are Legal. The Con closes at 11:30 p.m. each night so tourneys must be finished by then.

*Kumite format.
MLE Personas Only. Decks must include at least 1 Martial Arts Pre-Game. Quickenings, Objects, Locations and Weapons are not allowed. All players are considered Disarmed and may not re-arm. Only Martial Arts attacks and Dirty Tricks may be used. All Martial Arts attacks do a minimum of 1 point of damage. No Ranged Attacks may be played.

*Pack Rat Sealed Deck format.
Start with 1 sealed starter deck and 2 sealed boosters of your choice. You open the starter deck first and examine it. You must include ALL cards in your deck. You must play with ALL pre-games you get (Including multiple personas & WOC's). We then sit around a table and 'draft' the two boosters (one at a time). No deck building. You must include ALL cards in your deck. For purposes of card play, it is assumed that you have all personas and woc's (but you don't get their powers unless you have the actual cards). That way, ALL persona specific and WOC cards can be played. All other cards must follow std rules to be played, for instance Situation Plots still must be played in order. Unplayable cards with std HL backs (Nexus membership, Duncan & Methos Collections, Cust. Satisfactions) are considered Master Swordsman cards. You may have more than 6 of a card type (i.e., draft all the Master Swordsmans you can get). During the May-Do phase, all players may discard a card from their hand and draw to replace it.

Booster Draft: Every one sits in a circle. You open a sealed booster pack and choose ONE card. You then pass the rest of the pack to the person next to you. From the booster pack handed to you, you choose another card then pass the remainder again. Choosing/passing continues til all cards have been chosen. Open the next sealed booster pack and repeat (usually passing the opposite direction this time.

*End Game: When time is called, the current round will be finished (the player who started 2nd gets to finish his turn). Then players begin End Game. Unlike First Blood, all cards in play stay in play and play continues as normal with these exceptions: If you don't attack during your turn, you lose 1 Ability during your Ability Adjustment phase. For each card you draw during your turn (before your Draw Phase), you lose 1 Ability during your Ability Adjustment phase. If you draw cards during your Draw Phase, you lose 1 Ability during your next Ability Adjustment phase. If you are forced to draw cards by your opponent (his cards in play), you are not penalized (eg. Holy Grounds he plays penalizes him for drawing cards, but not you). If you are prevented from attacking by your opponent (his cards in play), you are not penalized (eg. Ped Hidden and you cannot make a hidden attack). Also, Ability cannot be increased by playing cards (Watcher Treatment, etc., have no effect).

3 April 2004 :  FYI - the WoT promo distributed as part of the Addiction prizes for March 2004 is the last WoT to be released.

3 April 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 dkwd (1271)
2 zodo (1248)
3 biscuits (1041)
4 The Kurgan (908)
5 jdtimi (843)
6 Vincent (837)
7 Grandpa Miles (605)
8 Freyja (604)
9 Auton (601)
10 ABShock (559)

31 March 2004 :  The Nexus rankings are now open to all qualifying matches (i.e. those where both players have agreed before the match begins that the match counts towards their Nexus ranking). The submission page for results can be found im the Nexus/ELO section (linked in the image above). Please note - this is a manual process, so don't expect the pages to automatically update.

17 March 2004 :  Congratulations to Auton for winning the second MLE online tournament. The Nexus rankings have also been updated.

2 March 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 dkwd  (1091)
2 jdtimi  (958)
3 Vincent  (953)
4 zodo  (854)
5 biscuits  (836)
6 The Kurgan  (772)
7 Auton  (753)
8 Freyja  (553)
9 Grandpa Miles  (513)
10 ABShock  (503)

3 February 2004 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 Vincent  (1320)
2 dkwd  (1299)
3 jdtimi  (1119)
4 The Kurgan  (891)
5 biscuits  (799)
6 zodo  (756)
7 Auton  (754)
8 Freyja  (737)
9 Davelister  (719)
10 ABShock  (637)

15 January 2004 :  MLE4 spoilers are now available from the Card Lists area.

12 January 2004 :  MLE4 checklists are now available from the Card Lists area.

9 January 2004 :  MLE4 - Brothers In Arms has been released!