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16 December 2002 :  The Freebie pages have been updated.

1 December 2002 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 biscuits (839)
2 Sigrid (656)
3 dkwd (612)
4 jdtimi (508)
5 Erick (505)
6 Ruskell (382)
7 Auton (380)
8 Nuriko (361)
9 Grandpa Miles (311)
10 ABShock (290)

24 November 2002 :  The Freebie pages have been updated, and updated my trade list. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

9 November 2002 :  The Freebie pages have been updated.

9 November 2002 :  Jeff's report from Uni-Con 2002:
Uni-Con'02 has come and gone....

Well, after a few hours sleep Sunday night, let's see if my brain still

Friday night's Bar Brawl was interesting. Out of 8 players, 4 used
Amanda. The others were Kronos, Nef, Khan (I think) and a Generic
Immortal. In the end, it was my Amanda Choke deck against Eric
Thompson's Amanda Low-Blows. I actually Choked 3 people to death! Eric
and I fought long and hard and in the end, he went to 0 before I did
(maybe I still had 1 pt left, I'm not sure, it was about 3 a.m. :^).

Saturday day was the Generic Immortal Only and MLE Lean & Mean.
Unfortunately, I was somewhat under the weather (too much Friday, I
guess), so I bowed out of the Generics early and missed the MLE all
together. I think I heard something about 'Grandpa' Miles Streufert
winning the Generics. I know Steve Hurley took the MLE Lean & Mean (he's
lucky I couldn't play :^).

Saturday evening's 'Pack Rat' sealed deck tourney had 10 players. There
were several players that drew personas from the starter & boosters. I
had a Kurgan/Annie/Khan combo that was wicked (except for the serious
lack of defenses I wound up without!). Eric pulled a
Conner/Kastagir/Slan +1/Silas +1 which took him to 3rd. It came down to
Scott Harris with his mighty WOC Shield and Miles Streufert with NO
pre-games. Grandpa Miles' well balanced sealed deck prevailed and took
home the sword. Just goes to show that even with great pre-game power,
with good support cards you just can keep up in the long run. Well done
Miles. (And good job staying up til after 3 a.m. to pull it off).

Sunday's Master constructed turn-out was a little light. I think
everyone was pretty exhausted from the 2 previous late-late nights.
There were just 4 of us. We played round-robin with Miles again racking
up a couple of headshots to take the points lead.

All in all, I think everyone had a great time.

Jeff Timi
Uni-Con Chairman

2 November 2002 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 biscuits (1188)
3 Erick13 (1056)
4 Sigrid (885)
5 jdtimi (725)
6 Nuriko (635)
7 dkwd (545)
8 Grandpa Miles (502)
10 Gnipp (448)
Note: Two entries have been removed.. see below

UPDATE: As some of you already know, Master TMO & rWatcher have now been assigned to the MLE B-team - expect to see more from them in the coming months. In the near future Master TMO will be taking over the Freebies, and rWatcher will continue development of his online player / database. More news to follow soon!

Also, I've updated the Freebies page, and updated my trade list. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

10 October 2002 :  Jeff Timi has provided the plan for the Uni-Con:

Uni-Con is almost here! Nov. 1-3 at the Joplin Holiday Inn, Joplin, Mo.

Here's the Highlander schedule. If you've got any questions, email me
soon. All tourneys are FREE except the Sealed Deck Pack Rat. We'll use 1
starter and 2 boosters. I have some Series Edition stock for free.
Otherwise, I have Gathering/A&T starters & several different boosters.
Total charge $10. Or, bring your own "sealed" starters/boosters.
Remember, that Uni-Con cost $15 for the weekend.

Highlander CCG

Nov. 1, Fri. 7 p.m. - Std Constructed, "Bar Brawl" format. (Start
disarmed, req. 9 Dirty Tricks).

Nov. 2, Sat. 11 a.m. - Std Constructed, "Generic Immortals Only" format.

Nov. 2, Sat. 4 p.m. - MLE Constructed, "Lean & Mean" format (req. 5
in-game MLE cards).

Nov. 2, Sat. 9 p.m. - Sealed Deck/Booster Draft, "Pack Rat" format. $10
charge may apply. First place: Collector's Tin Set. Note: May run into
early a.m.!

Nov. 3, Sun. 11 a.m. - Std Constructed, "Masters" format.

Note: All tourneys will run Round-Robin. Q's are protected.

Jeff Timi
Joplin, Mo.
Highlander CCG North Central Region Dir. (for what that's worth now)
Uni-Con Chairman

6 October 2002 :  I've updated the Freebies page. I've also added a new online players guide, and I've put up my trade list. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

30 September 2002 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 biscuits (1085)
2 rWatcher (1015)
3 031873 (1000)
4 Sigrid (654)
5 Nuriko (548)
6 Master TMO (533)
7 dkwd (525)
8 Slothboy (513)
9 strybula (501)
10 jdtimi (478)

22 September 2002 :  Happy Birthday to me! I've uploaded rWatcher's Highlander program to the site here. With it is the current latest .exe file ( Be sure to check his site for more recent updates.

21 September 2002 :  The Promo Plan page has been updated to reflect up to promo #65, as has the Card Reference page. Also, a brand new MLE FAQ has been posted. Click here to view.

11 September 2002 :  Something new to spend your credits on - well, sort of. The old promos can now be purchased for 250 DE credits each. The list available can be found on the Promo Plan page (here). Please note: the Zeist cards and Addiction promos are NOT included in this offer, as they were one time only releases, so please don't request them.

2 September 2002 :  I've created a new poll on Yahoo. Please take a moment out to vote (What MLE sets have you NOT completed?) here.

31 August 2002 :  Addiction promo time again. The winners are:
1 biscuits (1081)
2 misellus (823)
3 Rolks (791)
4 Master TMO (636)
5 rWatcher (631)
6 Slothboy (611)
7 jdtimi (590)
8 dkwd (511)
9 Knight6 (448)
10 Grandpa Miles (394)
We also are introducing a new scheme to the Addiction promos this month. The top 1-3 players each month (will vary) will receive BOTH promos, with the remainder of the players getting one promo at random.

24 August 2002 :  The additional links made previously have now (finally) been added to the main image above.

6 August 2002 :  The WoT freebies page is now up (click here). Remember, it relies heavily on donations...

5 August 2002 :  The reference section has been expanded to cover all sets, including Zeist cards and Addiction promos (click here)

4 August 2002 :  As requested, I have created a card images reference page, to help differentiate from those different Ramirez, Generic Immortal, Dark Duncan and Morgan fronts. It can be accessed here.

1 August 2002 : GenCon Information from Mark Francis:

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM   Sealed Deck  Event # 2311  Cost $3.00  (there will also be $5.00 charge for the sealed product)
12:00 AM - 2:00 PM  L&M              Event # 2314  Cost $1.50 (due to only being 2 hours not 4)
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Constructed        Event # 2317  Cost $3.00

8:00 AM - 12:00 AM  Constructed    Event #2318 Cost $3.00
12:00 AM - 4:00 PM  Sealed Deck    Event # 2312 Cost $3.00 (there will also be $5.00 charge for the sealed product)
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM  L&M                 Event # 2315  Cost $1.50
7:00pm -10:00 PM  Sealed Finals       I am not sure if there is a cost for this by GenCon registration, but there will be NO charge for the sealed product

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM  L&M Finals     I am not sure if there is a cost for this by GenCon registration
12:00 AM - 4:00 PM Constructed Finals   I am not sure if there is a cost for this by GenCon registration

30 July 2002 : The winners of the July Addiction promos were:
1 biscuits (740)
2 Rolks (674)
3 jdtimi (508)
4 misellus (443)
5 Grandpa Miles (371)
6 Master TMO (357)
7 dkwd (352)
8 Jaeger (341)
9 ABShock (309)
10 aSMODIEN555 (303)

This month : HL=1,2,5,6,9; WoT=3,4,7,8,10

24 July 2002 : PHEW! Firstly, apologies to you all for the extended delay in the site updates and the mailing out of the June promos. The simple reason for this is that a number of family issues came up, and the real world got in the way... actually, the best thing of all is that my wife gave birth to our son on 10th July - and the two of them have been keeping me extremely busy ever since! Anyway, to business: The freebie lists have been updated, as has the Promo Plan page. Also, the winning top 10 Addiction collectors now have their June promos. They are:

1 jdtimi (714)
2 dkwd (542)
3 Rolks (493)
4 biscuits (471)
5 ABShock (449)
6 The Kurgan (412)
7 Master TMO (408)
8 Grandpa Miles (405)
9 Arduwin (394)
10 hi9hlander (385)

I hope to have the July promos out considerably quicker ;)

10 June 2002 : The freebie lists have been updated. I've also added a new Combos page here.

30 May 2002 : The winners of the May Addiction promos were:
1 - 031873 (637)
2 - The Immortal Stiltskin (482)
3 - Nuriko (375)
4 - jdtimi (234)
5 - ScottD (214)
6 - Corwin (207)
7 - Mad Man Mike (203)
8 - The Kurgan (198)
9 - sasquatch (160)
10 - Arduwin (156)

25 May 2002 : Once again, more submissions are required! This time, I'm looking to compile a list of card combos. All cards can be used for these combos, ranging from original Series edition to the latest Morgan release. I'll be 'buying' these from you for DE credits - the better the combo, the more I'll pay! I'll be creating a new page for these combos, so all players can benefit from this collective knowledge. Submissions here.

22 May 2002 : The freebie lists have been updated.

19 May 2002 : The MLE addiction promos have arrived! Check the card lists area for a list of what's available. I will be distributing May's Promo very soon, so make sure you rack up those addiction points! More on the distribution to come later...

13 May 2002 : UPCOMING 'CON - Uni-Con 2002, at Holiday Inn, Joplin, Mo. on Nov. 1-3, 2002. "Uni-Con is a hard-core gaming con! Non-Stop CCGs, RPGs, Tabletop, 40K, Board games and LARPs. Fantasy/SciFi art show with works from our past guests including Ruth Thompson, NeNe Thomas, L.A. Williams and more. This year's guest is Douglas Shuler. Dealers room and 24 hr. Big Screen Video room. Charity Auction benefits Childrens Miracle Network.". More details can be found here.

12 May 2002 : Once again, I'm asking for submissions. Want to advertise a 'Con? Want to post a deck up for analysis? Any new ideas for the game? Mail me here.

22 Apr 2002 : The Yahoo poll is now closed. You can view the results here.

16 Apr 2002 : The logging in issues with the Double Eagle area are now resolved. Please report any further issues to either Gerald or me.

15 Apr 2002 : The freebie lists have been updated. Also, I am aware of logging in issues with the Double Eagle area, as I also cannot log in. It is currently under investigation.

04 Apr 2002 : Check out the new Yahoo poll here. Also, the freebie lists have been updated.

30 Mar 2002 : The freebie lists have been updated.

25 Mar 2002 : The MLC & SOI freebie lists have been updated. Also, this has been expanded for MLE, Ramirez, Dark Duncan and Morgan!

11 Mar 2002 : The competition is over! See who won here...

11 Mar 2002 : The new Double Eagle area is open! Click here to access.

27 Feb 2002 : The latest MLE FAQ has been uploaded to the website here.

26 Feb 2002 : The MLC & SOI freebie lists have been updated. Also, time is running out on the competition.

23 Feb 2002 : The MLC & SOI freebie lists have been updated. Also, the card lists areas has been updated to now hold spoilers for SOI, MLE, Ramirez, and the upcoming Dark Duncan Collection (DDC)!

21 Feb 2002 : The Double Eagle area has been taken down for renovation. I will announce here when it is up again.

19 Feb 2002 : The MLC & SOI freebie lists have been updated.

11 Feb 2002 : The MLC & SOI freebie lists have been updated.

9 Feb 2002 : The Dark Duncan set is on its way! Dark Duncan has been added to the Tamago(Ri)chie game - face him if you dare!

4 Feb 2002 : The MLC & SOI freebie lists have been updated.

3 Feb 2002 : The snippet contest has now been updated, so that it now has images of the SOI collection. Same rules as before.

2 Feb 2002 : Another update for you - I've added another 21 immortals to the Tamago(Ri)chie game, including all the SOI immortals.

1 Feb 2002 : Welcome to the resurrected MLE site, now updated for MLE 3 - Soldiers Of Immortality. At the moment, it's little more than a duplication of the old site, which has now disappeared. Once I've got everything published, I'll have time to start on the new stuff. For the time being though, there'll be no new games, and unfortunately the Double Eagle accounts will have to be started from scratch (as the cookies relate to the specific URL of the old site, and are therefore untransferrable).

In the meantime, I need your help. I'm after submissions, and I'll consider ANYTHING. Some possibilities are:

  • New deck ideas

  • Event information

  • Ideas for expansion/improvement of this site

You can send your submissions to me here.  To make it more interesting, I've made this into a competition (click here for details).

Be sure to check out all of Gerald's improvements (listed below).

Finally, you can find the latest MLC & SOI freebies here.